Embark on a voyage like no other

Welcome to Shipster.club - where collective thinking and future technology merge


About the Club

In Shipster.club, we gather a select group of innovators and thinkers for a unique journey in the AI-driven maritime landscape. Our members aren't just participants; they actively shape the future.

We're seeking two key roles: Partners* - maritime companies who set our vision and direction, and
Members - maritime companies who test and bring forth new ideas.

At Shipster.club, members combine human intuition with machine intelligence, forging a competitive edge for the coming era.

*We have successfully concluded our partnership intake and are now seeking interested tramp shipping companies to apply for club membership and join us in our journey

Our core values

Uniting Minds, Unleashing Possibilities: That's the Shipster Way of doing things

Collective Thinking

It's our guiding principle. By valuing diverse ideas and insights, we unlock powerful innovations. Together, we don't just tackle industry challenges; we use them to drive us forward.

Open Roadmap

As an early member, you're not just an observer; you're a navigator. Your ideas, vision, and values play a crucial role in our collective journey. Together, we don't just move forward—we define the direction.

Future Technology

We're built not just for the present, but for what's next. AI and low-code are our core, ensuring continuous evolution and innovation. With Shipster, you're not just up-to-date; you're leading in an AI-centric world.

Why join?

After over an year of extensive research into the tramp shipping sector, encompassing workshops, interviews, and focus groups, we've uncovered unique strategies that enable our members to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

A Harmonized Ecosystem
Crafted by our founders and enhanced by a group of prominent industry peers, Shipster.club is more than just a platform. We are an ecosystem that has experience building succesful maritime and technology ventures , ensuring that every club member is primed for success.

Staying Ahead in a Fast-Evolving Landscape
As AI and low-code technologies reshape the industry landscape, Shipster.club offers the tools and insights essential for staying ahead.

Join us at Shipster.club, and tap into the transformative potential of AI and low-code, ensuring your company a competitive advantage for the future.


Join the Crew

Step into a future shaped by shared insights and advanced tech. At Shipster.club, every move you make accelerates our combined progress, driving market excellence.

With us, YOUR journey sets the pace for tomorrow!

  • Partner Membership (Closed)We have hand-selected visionary partners to co-create the maritime future and we are now opening our slots for new members. The partners hold the esteemed privilege to influence our open roadmap along with peers.
  • Club Membership (Applications Open)We're inviting ambitious companies to join our innovative circle. Membership is not just about access; it's about being a part of a pioneering community shaping the future of maritime. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring a fair and dynamic admission process.

Ready to get set sail?

We’re now accepting applications.

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